NOTE: Of course, it's not the complete history of Cadillac but I retain the most important years of this American automaker. If you need information in a fact, in a year, in a car, or anything else, please contact me.

1902 Creation of the the Cadillac Automobile Company.

1905 Cadillac, who produced one-cylinder engine, introduces the new 4-cylinder engine.

One cylinder engineFour cylinder engine

1908 Cadillac is the first American car to be awarded the Dewar Trophy by the Royal Automobile Club of London. 3 Cadillac cars were completely dismantled and re-assembled with the parts of each other's cars.

Cadillac received the Dewar Trophy by the R.A.C.

1909 The General Motors Company bought the Cadillac Automobile Company.

1910 Cadillac is the first automaker to sell closed bodies.

The first V8 by Cadillac 1912 Cadillac cars received electric starting, ignition and lighting. For this news, the Royal Automobile Club of London awards, one more time, Cadillac the Dewar Trophy. Cadillac is the only one to receive this awards twice from the RAC.

1915 Cadillac introduces its new engine : a V8 water-cooled.

1927 Cadillac introduces the LaSalle. It's the first car to be completely designed by Harley Earl.

The first V16 by Cadillac 1928 Cadillac is the first to install security plate glass as standard equipment and the first to design and introduce the clashless synchromesh transmission.


1930 Cadillac introduces its 45 degree V16 engine.


1931 Cadillac introduces its 45 degree V12 engine.


1933 For me, it's the most beautiful year for Cadillac cars, especially for V16 series.
It's my #1 in the top ten Cadillac cars of this millennium.

My #1 in the top ten Cadillac cars of this millennium

1937 A stock Cadillac car breaks all records at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

1938 Cadillac introduces his new 135 degree V16 engine, the second Cadillac V16. The second V16 by Cadillac

1943 Cadillac received many awards for its war effort.

1944 Cadillac produces the M-24 Light Tank. Two Cadillac V8 engines and two Hydramatic transmissions are featured in the M-24.

The M-24 light tank powered by 2 Cadillac engines and 2 Hydramatic transmissions

1948 Cadillac designs their cars with "tailfins" inspired by the P-38 Lightning fighter plane of WWII.

The famous fins inspired by the P-38 plane 1949 The one-millionth Cadillac is produced on November 25, 1949. Cadillac introduces the high-compression, overhead valve, lightweight V8 engine.

1950 Two Cadillac cars runs at LeMans. The first, a stock Coupe De Ville finished in 10th position and the second, the special bodied "Le monstre" finished in 11th. Another car, equipped with the '49 Cadillac engine,runs and finished in 3rd position, the Allard J-2. See Pictures

A stock Coupe de Ville finished 10th at Le MANS 1950 The aerodynamic spider named 'Le Monstre' finished 11th at Le MANS 1950

1953 Cadillac produced the first Eldorado. 532 units were sold this year.

732 Eldorado were produced this first year

1954 For the first time in the world, power-steering is a standard equipment on all Cadillac cars.

1957 Cadillac produced the new Eldorado Brougham. A revolution in luxury!

A new level in luxury : the Cadillac Eldorado Brougham

1958 The two-millionth Cadillac is produced in 1958.

1959 The biggest fins of the millennium. My #3 in the top ten Cadillac cars of this millennium is the 1959 Eldorado Biarritz, what a wonderful car, isn't it!

My #3 in the top ten Cadillac cars of this millennium

1962 The two and half-millionth Cadillac is produced in 1962.

1964 The three-millionth Cadillac is produced. Cadillac is the first to develop automatic temperature control heating and air conditioning for automobiles.

1965 Tilt and telescoping steering wheels were available, for the first time, on Cadillac cars.

1969 The four-millionth Cadillac is produced on June 19, 1969.

1970 Cadillac equips the Eldorado with th largest car engine in the world, a 500-cubic-inch (8.2-liter) V8 (400 hp), mounted in front-wheel-drive.

1974 Driver and front-passenger air bags are available on all Cadillac DeVilles, Fleetwood Broughams and Eldorados.

1975 Cadillac introduces the electronically fuel injected engines on 1975 Eldorado, Fleetwood, and DeVille models.

1978 Apparition of the "Trip Computer" on the 1978 Seville.

The fisrt Cadillac SUV 1980 Cadillac introduce the digital electronic fuel-injection "4-6-8" that turn off some cylinders when not necessary. It includes the self-diagnostic system.

1985 Cadillac is the first to introduce the transverse-mounted V8 engine (front wheel drive) on the De ville and the Fleetwood series.

1993 The new Cadillac logo Cadillac introduce its new V8 engine : The NorthStar.

1999 Introduction of the first S.U.V. made by Cadillac : The Escalade.

Sept. 1999 Cadillac modify his logo with a new design for the new millennium

2000 Fifty years after its first and only participation, Cadillac was back at the race of 24 hours : Le Mans, France with a new car named "Cadillac Northstar Le Mans Prototype (LMP)" powered by the famous V8 Northstar which received two turbos . The car was made by Riley and Scott (R&S) See Pictures.

Second time that Cadillac will pariticipate to the 24 hours of Le Mans, France

2001 Third participation to the race of 24 hours of Le Mans, France. See Pictures

The last Cadillac Eldorado was produced on Monday 22 April in the plant of Lansing (Mi). Less than 50 years since the first Eldorado. His succesor will be the Cadillac XLR in 2003.

Fourth and last participation to the mythic race of 24 hours of Le Mans, France. See Pictures

The new Cadillac Sixteen V16 2003 Cadillac introduce his new concept-car : the new V16 Cadillac Sixteen, 1000HP !

The totally new Cadillac CTS replace the Catera.

New Cadillac two-seater named XLR (Sporty Roadster Coupe) starts series production in April.

The new Sporty Roadster Coupe by Cadillac : XLR